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There has been so much cussing and discussing the Mustang Mach-E’s name. I have read comments that Ford may be thinking about a new line of Mustang cars. Perhaps this is a solution for some folks.

Consider the Mustang to now be a new division/brand of Ford Motor Co. cars, not a model. So from now on, the Mustang brand is right next to Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury (formerly). Then call this new car the Mach-E model.
The Mustang on the plastic grill can identify the line of cars, similar to the Blue Ford Oval and the Lincoln “Star”. The Mach-E name is already on the car. I don’t believe the car has the name Mustang or Ford anywhere, just the mustang symbol. As an example, Buick removed its name from its cars in 2019, relying on the badge to identify the brand.
When the current Mustang sports car is redesigned, make it a Mach 1, Mach-I or something like that. I hope to enjoy my Mach-E for a long time and when someone asks me what car I own, I hope I can proudly say Mach-E. That should be enough...I should not have to call it a Ford Mustang Mach-E. Calling it a Mach-E also emphasizes the E that Tesla did did not get!
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