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Picked up my Premium MME, Infinite Blue Metallic, RWD, ExBattery yesterday. Now have 75 miles on it. I'm lovin it like I have never done with a new car before, and there have been quite a few of them. I'm going to have to get a neck brace because I'm still thrilled with that pedal to the metal acceleration.

The other noticeable feature is the quietness of the interior when driving. They did an excellent job on the noise abatement, and the ride is really smooth.

According to the dealer, my car with the 237th MME delivered in the USA. I don't know if that includes all versions. 129 days from order to delivery. Sold at MSRP.

My neighbor saw it in the driveway briefly and begged for a test drive, he loved it.

Went to a function yesterday afternoon and the crowd stopped at the door when I drove up. It turns heads wherever you go. People track you like a radar and express that mouth slightly ajar, "what the hell is that" bewildered look.

Spent an hour so far on settings and preferences. Have several more hours to go. Quite a bit of stuff I haven't figured out yet, but with this much technology, it will take a while.

I am waiting for a JuiceBox charger that will provide more data on the charge than the Ford charger, e.g. curves of the charge rate, etc.

To hell with emails, I'm going back out there and play.

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