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I want to purchase an SUV with good cargo space. I want to sit up higher for a better view of the road which is usually associated with good ground clearance for some mild forest roads, possible snow, etc. I want to carry bicycles on a carrier on the back of the vehicle. I also want to help reduce my carbon dioxide emissions. I thought the Mach E was going to meet all of those requirements in addition to having many other great features. All was good until I read a recent article by Motor Trend, "The Ford Mustang Mach-E Is an SUV Short on Utility," and it got me to dig a little deeper.

I was disappointed that the ground clearance was only 5.7 inches which is exactly the same as the Camry I'm now driving. While disappointed, I decided I could live with that. All BEVs sit low for aerodynamic reasons. I realized the cargo space was less than a CR-V or RAV4, but concluded I could also live with that. My dream-busting realization was this line in the Motor Trend article, "Perhaps Ford is under the impression that electric vehicle buyers and customers interested in towing don't overlap. I'm not so convinced (and neither is Elon Musk), but either way, the Mustang Mach-E will not be set up for towing in North American markets when it arrives next year." The reference to Elon Musk is the rumor that Tesla listened to customer requests will offer a tow hitch on the upcoming Tesla Model Y (photos attached). I carry bicycles to trailheads several times a week. I need to have a vehicle that transports at least two bicycles on the back. I don't want to use any type of bike carrier other than one that fits on a tow hitch. I'm not a fan of those that are strapped to the back of a vehicle.

I found some good photographs of the bottom rear of the Mach E. After examining those, I can see what Motortrend meant by "the Mustang Mach-E will not be set up for towing in North American markets when it arrives next year." To begin with, there is little ground clearance for a tow hitch, but I thought it could still be done by Ford or a third party like eTrailer. At least I thought so until I examined the underbody (space below the rear fog light). It is completely enclosed in a casing that covers the battery pack and helps with aerodynamics. Look at the photos I've attached and see what you think. It looks like a tow hitch is out of the question for this vehicle. A tow hitch takes up a fair amount of space and has to be firmly attached to the frame of the car. I can't see Ford tearing into the underbody in order to attach a tow hitch. Am I missing something?


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