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I’m having a lot of trouble with PAAK, potentially in connection with 1) getting a new iPhone and 2) having a lot of PowerUp updates over the last couple of weeks.

I got a new iPhone 14 Pro, installed FordPass, got CarPlay, etc. going, and then tried to setup PAAK. It kept failing and specifically said it couldn’t connect to Bluetooth in the car. (It got stuck on the part where you copy the pairing code and wait for the prompt to come up and paste the code.) I previously had PAAK working fine on my iPhone 12 Pro, though I confess I haven't tried to use it since the last slew of PowerUp updates (including the recall update) were installed over the last week or so.

I read that a good step when you have trouble is to Reset Phone as a Key on the vehicle. Problem is that option is greyed out in my car. I can do a Master Reset or a FordPass Connect Rest (or Vehicle Hotspot Reset), but Phone As A Key Reset is greyed out and unavailable. See photo below.

I called Ford, and after 45 minutes on hold, they told me first that I needed to upgrade my iPhone to iOS 16.3 (which doesn’t exist yet – and that inspired great confidence) and then to take it to the dealership for troubleshooting.

Before I do that, which sounds like it will be a huge hassle, has anyone encountered this type of situation before – specifically “Phone as a Key Reset” being greyed out? Any suggestions for next steps short of making an appointment, hauling the car down there, waiting for hours, etc.?

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