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Well, after searching the forums, and scanning the facebook groups I have yet to see anything defining on this so pitching it out to this group for some input. I have an opportunity to purchase a used 22 GTPE with under 5K on it. Problem is it is a build that was completed prior to the new HVBJB was implemented. With that said what I have been reading on the forums and facebook group really varies regarding the box. A few weeks back I never would have purchased a GTPE built prior to June 22 BUT it seems like there are more folks out there that have not had this issue pop up than have. Of course there are quite a few that are not on the forums to let us know but I was talking with someone who has over 30K on a 2021 GTPE and has not had one issue. Is the HVBJB truly "luck of the draw" or as I thought, a formality and will break down eventually varying on how you drive it? This 2022 is priced about 15K lower than the price of ordering new, without the $7500 rebate (obviously) but even with that were still talking nearly 7-8 cheaper. Recalls are clean, and no other service has been performed other than the initial sale owner, etc.

Curious on input of the experts out there. Oh I currently have an AWD ER Premium in the stable as well.

----I have posted this in other forums for feedback. thanks everyone.
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