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Provides a good comparison point for when the MME reviews come out.

My Opinion only (based on what's covered in the video and available info from VW):

  • Split fold rear seats with Ski/long item passthrough
  • Front seats with extendable thigh support and massage function
  • "Transmission"/Gear selector function on the column/dash (I just don't like switchgear where I can spill my drink)
  • Heads up display
  • Provisions for roof rack/rails and available tow hitch
  • 3 years free charging
  • No frunk
  • Styling... highly personal... front end and sides look good but D pillar back, particularly the rear end looks like a mid 90s minivan.
  • Piano gloss bits in the interior (why do manufacturers do this when it's universally scorned?)
  • Capacitive touch controls on the steering wheel
  • Touchscreen lag. Production level SW better address this otherwise it'll be a deal breaker for many folks.
Overall I think VW has done a great job. Not going to switch our MME order (performance is nowhere near MME) but I think and hope the ID.4 does well.

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