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Hi all,

Just got my new MME yesterday! I have a home charger, the Wallbox pulsar plus that works fine with a Tesla (plug it in and it charges instantly). But when plugging this in the Mach-E the Wallbox app gives an error, saying its waiting for response from the car. Simultaneously the car gives two different errors, each time another one. It will either tell me that there is an error in the loading dock / charger or that the planned charging did not start because of problems in the charger's system.

Basically both saying it wont work because of error's I cant understand. Ford told me that, as charging does work on their chargers, it cant be a fault of the car and they cant really help me. Wallbox says that as the charger works on a Tesla its not their fault so here I am... I have no charging schedule / tried several times and don't know what to do now.

Hope to get some ideas !
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