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Saw this on Reddit:
What do you think?

The comment that changed my mind on the Mach-E being branded as a Mustang

Like a lot of you, my initial reaction at the Mach-E being called a mustang was one of outrage, disgust, and table fist pounding. Why would they take a brand name with decades of hard earned brand equity and dilute it with an EV model not even on the same platform? Ultimately, I understood that it was for business purposes and Ford being able to sell more cars, but even then I thought it was a short sighted and cynical move.
My opinion changed however when I saw a single comment that a redditor had pulled from a Chinese website saying something along the lines of, "Thank god it's branded as a Mustang and not a Ford... I'm not paying that much money for a blue oval". That's when I started to realize that outside the US where the Mustang hasn't been a permanent fixture since recently, the Ford brand is likely more closely associated with economy cars than performance (outside of the hardcore enthusiast community). The Ford marketing team had a tough task on their hand when deciding how to market a >$43k premium EV tesla-fighter: brand it as a Ford and lose a lot of customers who refuse to pay that much for a "blue oval", or brand it as a Lincoln--a marque that has until recently been associated more with airport transportation and retirees (despite being in the process of reestablishing itself as a true luxury brand). In that context, branding the Mach-E as a Mustang was not only a clever decision, it was the only decision.
While I still feel like it's a cynical move, I no longer think it was a bad business move. It also opens the door to an interesting new brand family making premium-ish cars focused on cutting edge performance and tech (in my view) while allowing Lincoln to focus on pure luxury. It's Ford applying an Aston Martin-like approach to the Mustang with all cars having a strong design heritage. Granted, a Mustang is no Aston Martin in the looks department but they are generally attractive cars with instantly recognizable design cues. The only recommendation I would have for Ford is to better identify what this new sub-brand stands for and stick to it. Up until now it seems like their approach has been trying to convince everyone that the Mach-E was an exact fit with the Mustang brand all along and we just aren't smart enough to see it. No...just no. Your customers aren't dumb so be honest about what you are doing and let's see where this goes.
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