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The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) decided to test 20 of the best selling EVs in Norway. In doing so they showed which EVs have the best range in cold weather.

In their research they found 3 main findings about EVs in cold weather:
  • EVs don’t suddenly shut down when they run out of power. Drivers are given several warnings and can maintain regular speed until the very last miles.
  • EVs on average lose 20 percent of their range in colder climate.
  • EVs charge more slowly in cold temperatures.
All 20 cars would follow the same route at the same time of day which consisted of city driving, highways, and country roads. The speeds ranged from 37 mph to 68 mph and included one climb through a mountain pass

The Hyundai Kona Electric was the closest to its stated range with only a loss of about 9%.

The Model S had the longest range in the cold weather, it also apparently dealt with worse conditions than the other cars.

Here's the full list of their findings for each EV.

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