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Will Mach E have SYNC 4.0 and 15.5" optional vertical screen and OTA updates?

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According to this article the Mach E will have a vertical screen similar to those found in Tesla vehicles. With the announcement by Ford on Wednesday that SYNC 4.0 is coming to vehicles with screen sizes up to 15.5" and having only seen plans announced for 12" screens in some vehicles (explorer comes to mind) I think it is a natural jump to say that the Mach E will come with at a minimum an optional 15.5" touch screen and SYNC 4.0 and all of those features. Jalopnik wrote an article from the press event and noted a "vertical 15.5" layout" with adaptive dash cards and cloud connectivity. What is unknown is if that cloud connectivity will be included or an additional monthly cost. What do you think?

Something else from that Ford event that is the Over-The-Air (OTA) updates which sound exactly like the Tesla updates. One of the big features would be the ability for the car to update in the background or at night and allow you to use the vehicle while it is updating instead of waiting for that update to be installed. "Some updates will be virtually invisible to customers, enabled by an innovative platform that installs much of the new software in the background. This new platform keeps current software running until the new version is ready for activation – something that no other vehicle, or even some popular smartphones, can do today."

Another thing that Tesla offers is the ability to add or purchase features (like auto-summon or purchase full autonomous mode) as updates happen which appears Ford will be doing as well. "Ford also says this over-the-air system could allow for Ford to charge customers for new features that, at the time of purchase, they decided not to opt for or that weren’t available at the time." I am excited to see this from other manufacturers even if it doesn't come to the Mach E. I am again drawing some conclusions here and this isn't confirmed it seems lineup timeline wise with the Mach E. Would you want to
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